Friday, April 04, 2014

World Rat Day!

World Rat Day

World Rat Day

What is World Rat Day?
It's the day that rat owners get together either in person or on social media to raise awareness of rats as pets. April 4th is the day of the year that rat owners around the world spread the joy of rats, trying to teach people that rats make great pets and raise awareness that they are much more than pests or vermin as some see them.

Some rat lovers meet up and give each other gifts or cards but mostly rat owners give their rats treats on this day and share pictures of their rats. So if you know someone with a rat, April 4th is a great day to send them an email or letter and say, Happy World Rat Day. <: p="">





A to Z Blogging Challenge: D is For Drink *What's Your Favorite Drink?*

I don't drink alcohol at all and no, I am not a recovering alcoholic. lol I just think the stuff tastes like medicine. Ack!

My two favorite drinks are Maxwell House International Chai Latte and Hills Bros Double Mocha Cappuccino. 

This stuff is like crack for me...seriously. I could drink it all the time. But I don't. The thing is, the only place I can find the Chai Latte is on Amazon. A while back they changed their formula, people didn't like it so they changed it back and now none of the stores near me sell it. Grrr

But that's ok because I can order pretty much anything on Amazon and I do. 

So what's your favorite non alcoholic drink?