Thursday, April 20, 2023

Book Review: Possessed By The Alien King by Krista Luna


Book Description

My fated mate is my enemy. Yet nothing will stop me from claiming her.


I made a horrible mistake. Under orders, I created a virus to drive the Varool from humanity’s new planet. It mutated, killing all of the alien women and our men.

Now, the fate of both our species rests on my shoulders—and between my thighs. To ease my guilt and broker peace, I’ll marry one of the fierce alien warriors and bear his children. All while hiding who I really am.

Their brute of a king claims me, his gigantic body inflaming my desire. Storr’s piercing gaze makes me shiver. If he ever finds out the part I played in all of this, crash landing on the planet will be the least of my worries.


Humans seized the planet I need for my people. As negotiations deteriorated, varoolian women died. I long for retribution. If I ever find the person responsible—

No. I must set aside my fury to secure my people’s future. Survival demands we reproduce with the enemy.

Although I have no plans to be first, a sweet, musky scent ensnares my senses. Deirdre is my fated mate. I must claim her. She is mine.

Yet consummation does not equal trust. As we battle our way across the untamed planet, suspicions mount. All humans are liars, but Deirdre’s lies may end us both.

Possessed by the Alien King is a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance featuring a growly alien hero, a smart heroine, and plenty of adventure with a guaranteed HEA.

My Review

Deirdre is a virologist who helped create the virus that killed off all the Varool women and then the human men. It was a complete accident that never should have happened. The virus should only have made the Varool sick so they would leave the planet and leave Earth alone. But now Earth women and Varool men are voluntarily mating in order to have offspring so both of their species may live on. Deirdre is the first human female to be mated with a Varool male and she thinks she is going to be mated to the Prince but once his brother the King sees her and realizes that his second heart has started beating, signaling that he has met his destined mate, he has no choice but to claim Deirdre himself. 

Deirdre isn't happy about the change in plans since it seems Storr isn't even happy about mating her and she isn't sure why he's claiming her instead of letting his brother who seems more friendly be her mate. Much to her dismay, Storr wants to mate right away and she decides to just get it over with. They start to feel attracted to each other right away but it's just the mating frenzy which bothered me. He never would have picked her to be his mate without his body signaling that she was his destined mate. He doesn't even like humans so this romance was off to a rocky start right from the beginning. 

Then they get stuck on a planet together and can't contact their people. Once they have to rely on one another and start to get to know each other more, they find they actually like each other but it still felt like the mating frenzy was behind all the feelings they had for each other. Now don't get me wrong, I read a lot of other genres with destined mates and mating frenzies in them and I don't mind that at all. But they just didn't match and the feelings all seemed hormone induced, like none of their feelings were actually real. They as a couple just didn't work for me at all. Plus the fact that she lied about being a virologist and having worked on the virus that decimated both of their peoples, just made it harder for me to like either one of them. 

The one good thing about this book towards the end there was a big twist and I really liked that. But for most of this book, I didn't like what was going on. 

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.