Sunday, June 07, 2015

Review: Kids Swim Goggles

Product Description
Soft and comfortable silicone eyecup and durable strap contain no harmful chemical substances. Don't get the similar cheap ones, your child is worth more!
Lenses are made of solid hard plastic that's easy to see thru but virtually unbreakable and provide UV protection. Coated to resist any fogging whatsoever.
Leak-Proof design - Adjustable nose bridge, adjustable strap, and waterproof eyecups allow the goggles to fit to the face and head properly.
Includes hard plastic case - makes it easy to carry to the pool. Cute cartoon tops - can be removed if you prefer.
Made with a very substantial, robust, high quality silicone - durable, stylish water goggles.

My Review
My grandson is 2 years old and we have a pool at our apartment complex so he and my daughter go swimming all the time during the summer months. So I thought he would really like these swim goggles and I was right. I like them because they come with a carry case and they are really cute! They have cute little dolphins on the goggles and I think this makes it even cuter for kids to wear. I think this design is good for girls as well as boys and I'm sure when the other kids see these they are going to want their own pair. Swim goggles are good because they let you go under the water and keep your eyes open so you want a pair that aren't going to let in water and these don't. They work jut like they said they would and they look cute doing it. 

Disclaimer: I received a discount coupon for this item in exchange for my honest review.