Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekly Rat Facts: They Never Do What You Expect Them Too

You may buy certain cage accessories thinking that they will use them a certain way but when you add them to the cage, they don't use them the way you thought they would. Take for instance this nice, new fluffy bed I bought for my older boys. You would think they would use it to lay inside it...nope, Bandit used it like a pillow. He laid next to it, rolled it over and laid on the edge of it. Marbles on the other hand...uses it as a toilet. lol

Bandit liked his new pillow though.

I bought one of these Lava Ledges for Lucky's cage thinking he would use it to hop from it to the other levels in his cage the way the boys in the other cage did. Nope, he decided it was better to just chew the holy crud out of it until there was nothing left of it. You'd have thought the blue ledge was possessed by a demon and Lucky was trying to rid it from his cage the way he attacked this thing. 

I've bought expensive fleece cubes for them to use as beds that they tore to shreds in a matter of days but put a cardboard box in there that cost me nothing and they don't chew it at all. Go figure. 

Rats rarely do what you expect them to do but it's always fun to see what they come up with.