Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Birthday Flower and Scribbles! They are Two Years Old!

When I rescued Flower and Scribbles from a lady 18 months ago, she told me they were 6 months old. So while I don't know the exact day they were born, I know the month. I decided to celebrate their birthday's today. Flower was very unsure of the cake and stretched out in order to grab a piece and run over in the corner with it.

She decided to take a little piece of cake over to the back and eat it there. Don't worry they only got a few bites of the cake. lol Flower might be 2 years old but she still has the energy of a baby. She still runs, jumps and plays all over and with us while she's out on the couch with us. When she wants attention she will hang upside down from the top of the cage. She is too funny.

She got a little frosting on her nose and was wiping her nose on the blanket. After a couple of bites, she let me know she was done and ran up on my shoulder wanting to go home. 

Scribbles sniffed the cake a few times before finally taking a little bite.

Then he dug right in. Scribbles is starting to show his age. He's slower, sleeps more and really isn't wanting to be picked up and held much these days. But he doesn't mind if I stick my hand in the cage while he lays there getting petted. When he's had enough, he'll run back inside his cube and push me away if I try to pet him. He's a goofy little rat. 

But he sure enjoyed his birthday cake. 

Happy Birthday Flower and Scribbles!