Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Favorite Picture of the Week

So as you can probably guess from the's bug day again! When I find a new bug outside or in my apartment I like to take a picture of it before I take it back outside. So far none of them have bitten or stung me and doing this has actually helped me get over my fear of insects...for the most part. Bee's still scare the bejuju's outta me so I won't be handling any of those hell beasts anytime soon. 

Anyway, Ken found this one in the bedroom and called me in to save it. lol I couldn't tell what it was even with my glasses on because it was so small. 

But it didn't bite or sting me so I was happy about that. I figured it was some sort of beetle or something. 

It wasn't until I enlarged this picture that I could see it was actually a baby stink bug. Good thing it didn't get frightened because they put out a really bad smell if you scare them or bug them too much. And as you can see, he was looking up at me while I was taking his picture as if to say, "I smiled for your picture, now can you take me outside?" 

The next day I found this little spider on my desk sitting right next to my phone. I picked him up after taking his picture and put him outside as well. It cracked me up because when I tried to get him to crawl onto my hand, he scrunched himself up, pulling his legs in really tight to make himself smaller. But he did finally crawl on my hand so I could get him outside. 

The day after I found the spider I found this beetle. I usually see them when they are tiny so I didn't know they got this big. I found this guy in the bathroom while I was cleaning. He went outside as well.

I also wanted to let you know that I'm a guest reviewer on I Smell Sheep! I reviewed Dark Sentinel by Christine Feehan. 

I hope you'll stop over there and read my review.