Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pranks, Jokes, Revenge

Have you ever wanted to pull a funny prank on someone but just couldn't think of anything? I'm here to help you. Since the 1st of this month was April Fool's Day, I thought this would come in handy for next year. But really, these can be done any time of year. This past Thanksgiving I put all three of those candies in the picture above into a bowl and thought it was funny to watch everyone's reaction. 

Now if you're mad at someone there are websites that will send things to the address that you give them. Would you ever send any of these next things to someone you're mad at?

Prank Candles- These candles start out smelling great and then then turn into smelly farts. There are also other things on that site. You can send your friend an empty box. A big box of nothing. 

Glitter Bomb Mail- How about sending an anonymous spring loaded glitter bomb? They open it and glitter gets thrown all over the place. 

Dicks By Mail- Send a bag of Gummi dicks anonymously to someone you hate. 

Ship A Dick- Ship a giant cardboard dick to anyone you want. 

Shit Express- Ship someone a box of poop. They have different animals to choose from. 

Poop Senders- Yep, another box of poop. Send a quart or a gallon of animal poo. That's a smelly surprise. 

Ship Your Enemies Tryhophobia- Know someone who is afraid of weird clusters of holes? This site will send the person you pick a set of 5 weird photos. Just click the link to take a look at an example of the photos, they're strange. 

Bird By Mail- Send someone the bird. No, not that bird...the middle finger. 

Confetti Mail Bomb- Send a confetti bomb or a confetti cannon. Now that sounds like fun. Boom! Confetti everywhere. 

The Card That Never Ends- Once you open this greeting card the music doesn't stop until you destroy it. This might be my favorite. 

Box of Annoying Sand- You can send a box of sand to someone who annoys you. There's no bottom to the box so when they slide it out...all the sand pours out the bottom of the box. 

Mail A Spud- No box or anything, just a potato with stamps on it sent to your choice of person. 

Mail Bricks- Yes, you can actually mail a brick to someone. Or if you like, you can send a box of bricks to someone and you can add a handful of glitter to the box as well. 

Annoying Teddy- The singing teddy bear that never stops singing. 

The Payback.com- The send you envelopes with crazy sayings on them that you can send a letter or a friend, neighbor or family member. Some of the envelopes say things like, Anal Leakage Research Center- thank you for your participation, Consumer Rsearch Center- Cobra Penis Pump Product Recall Notification. There are so many to choose from. But this is a great website because they have all sorts of other things as well. Fake parking tickets, Rude lottery tickets, fake bullet holes...the list goes on. 

Would you ever send someone any of these pranks?