Thursday, June 21, 2018

Review: Smoldering Ashes (book 4) by Annie Anderson

Book Description

Kyle Brennan can't catch a break.
After centuries without a mate, he finally found his only to have her ripped away from him. But the woman who came back doesn't remember the first thing about him. Kyle doesn't know this woman, and he's not so sure he wants to.

Nicola Miller has a big problem.
She can't remember a single second of her life before she woke up in a hospital bed in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not just that, but she has a huge, hulking man in her hospital room claiming to be her husband - a man she obviously doesn't know. She's not sure how things could get any worse.

But the last shards of Nicola's life are about to be burned to the ground. Because someone has to pay for the sins of the past, and she's wearing the face of the woman who committed them.

It looks like the last of their luck has just run out.

My Review

So I picked this one up when it was a freebie but I didn't read the 3 books in the series before this one. The description on Amazon said it could be read as a standalone so I took a chance and it worked out fine as a standalone. 

Nicola wakes from a coma to find a huge man next to her that she finds out is her husband. She's scared because she doesn't remember anything but she knows the nurse isn't human but then she finds out that neither is she or Kyle, her husband. 

This book goes back and forth from past to present so you get a lot of information as to what happened to her and Kyle to bring them to this place. 

There are a lot of people mad at Nicola because of what she did before her coma but some understand what really happened and have forgiven her and are ready to give her a fresh start. She's not sure where she fits in with Kyle or his family and since they all seem to be in the same house as her and Kyle when he takes her home, things are tense. Things get said and she takes off but gets kidnapped. A lot is going on at that point and some revelations are brought to light and the book wraps up nicely after a few really tense pages. So even though I haven't read the rest of the series this was a good read and I didn't feel like I was missing a lot by starting where I did. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.