Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Favorite Picture of the Week!

A while back my dad gave me some ancestry papers that he got from his parents. I started looking through some of them and came across info pertaining to my grandmother, great grandparents, great great grandparents and great great great grandparents.

I found out that my great great and great great great grandparents were from different parts of England. 

A few of the places in England they came from was Pewsey, Redlynch Wiltshire and Wales. I enlarged one of the entries in case you couldn't see the other picture. 

I never know what my dad is going to find and give to me. It's always a surprise. So I called him and told him what I found. He says to me, "You know what that means, right?" I said No, what? He says, "We need to drink more tea!" LOL I told him I'm was drinking a cup of tea right then and he thought it was so darn funny. Then he told me that his dad's great great grandparents were from Scotland but he doesn't have their ancestry written down anywhere. So I learned an interesting bit of information today.