Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Kingtop 48 Color Art Colored Drawing Pencils

Product Description

High quality drawing pencils for writing, drawing and sketching - A great gift idea and perfect for encouraging creativity.

Beautifully crafted with recycled wood, which is environmentally friendly and non- toxic. High print effect, smooth when using them, which is a wonderful choice.

Set of 48 Assorted Colors, easy to use.

My Review
I don't do a lot of drawing but my husband does and he loves to draw with all sorts of mediums including chalk, pencils and water colors. So when I was offered this set of colored pencils I decided to get it for him because he loves this sort of thing. I played around with the set after getting them and drew my own picture from a picture I saw online, but my own take of it. But my drawing skills aren't as good as my husband's. I have to say that this set of colored pencils really works nicely for drawing. This set is big and comes with just about any color you might need, I know it has any color I would ever need. Now that I've tried them out, I know that when my grandson gets older we'll be using this set to make some of our own drawings too.

Disclaimer: I was given this set of colored pencils for free in exchange for an honest review.