Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finding A Lost Loved One Or Old School Friend

It may seem like a great idea to go and look for a long lost relative or someone you went to school with in this age of technology, but are you prepared for the consequences if things go bad?

A decade ago before I really knew what I was doing on the intenet, I went through a website to help me find a relative that had been put up for adoption and with their help I did find him. My family welcomed him into our family with open arms and it seemed like things were going well for a while but sooner or later the real person shows through, they really can't keep up the fake persona for too long and when they start feeling comfortable around you, all the fake falls away and all you have left is the real truth. Sometimes it's not so pretty.

So after years of dealing with the drama, the lies, and the weirdness we all parted ways with him and most of his extended family.

So my advice to anyone looking for old friends, relatives ect... Don't. Not unless you are emotionally prepared to deal with things you never though you'd have to deal with because you don't really know this person. Even if you knew them in high school and got along great with them, were best friends...if it's been a while, they have changed...hell, you have changed and you might not hit it off so well again.

It's something to think about. Do you really want to bring potential drama into your life? Into your families life? Most likely the answer is no.

I know it's easy to find people these days, all you really have to do is Google someones name and you'd most likely be able to find them. That happened to me a while back when an old friend from high school contacted me on FB. Imagine my surprise. After a few months though, things got weird and he got weird and I ended up having to unfriend and block him...people change over time and sometimes not for the better.

So be careful out there...

A Late Christmas Card

I received this in the mail last week. I found it funny. Happy Obamacare...LOL