Saturday, January 07, 2017

Favorite Video of the Week

So the reason I found this one funny is because my mom loved pickled pigs feet and she could get a jar of them at least once a month when we were kids. My brother and I still eat them but I'm not allowed to open the jar in the apartment because the smell makes Ken want to gag. he said it smells like a morgue and someone dumped a jar of embalming fluid on the floor. To me, all I smell is vinegar. As kids we used to eat pickled eggs, which I really didn't care for as well as the spicy pickled vegetables and those are the bomb! I don't eat as much pickled pigs feet anymore but I still love the spicy pickled vegetables. So I can really understand the reaction of these kids since they've never had it before. It is a very strange flavor and it's served cold.