Thursday, July 28, 2022

Book Review: The Dragon's Compliant Sacrifice by Ines Johnson


Book Description

Prized for her willowy-thin form, she'd never hungered for life. But when she is sacrificed to a dragon, she becomes a glutton for his touch...

After surviving years of catcalls and casting couches, model Lily Bishop suffers nightly from sleep paralysis. It takes the touch of the gentle dragon shifter Elek to free her from her night terrors. Though Elek does not want a mate, he agrees to place his mark on Lily which will keep her safe from other shifters in the Veil. Mated in name only, Lily is safe from being sought after by the other shifters looking for a mate and can now have the quiet life she always dreamed of. That is until she begins to yearn for more from her fake dragon mate than their easy friendship.

An accident that sent his mother into a catatonic state has kept Elek's dragon on lock down. That tight leash the man has on the dragon loosens when he reluctantly agrees to mate quiet, withdrawn Lily. At first Elek believes the two of them can have a quiet life together watching old sitcoms and 80s movies. But one whiff of Lily and Elek's dragon wants to claim the comely model in the flesh.

As man and beast struggle for control, other shifters learn that Elek's claim on Lily is not complete which leaves Lily open to mating games. Now Lily is in danger of losing the safety she craves. But she'd throw caution to the wind with just one sign that the dragon she's falling for wants to stake his claim for real. Elek has already lost his heart to Lily, but if he loses control of his dragon the man he is will succumb to the wiles of the beast and the past could repeat itself, causing him to lose the woman that he craves with his whole self.

My Review

Elek is a dragon shifter stuck in the veil with other shifters. He has his dragon locked down tight though because of an accident that happened to his mother and he's never forgiven himself. So when Lily needs to protection of a dragon shifter so she's safe from other shifters in the veil, Elek agrees to give her his mark but that is all. He does not want to be her mate and all she wants is to have a peaceful existence until she wants more from Elek. When he refuses to give that to her she refuses his mark which leaves her open to other shifters to pursue her but that doesn't sit well with Elek. 

Now Elek will have to come to terms with what he is as well as let his dragon out in order to get the woman he wants before some other shifter makes a claim on her. 

Elek and Lily were made for each other but one stubborn dragon shifter won't let them be together for real until it's almost too late. Watching them fight the pull they feel was fun but watching them finally give in was even better. This series has been fun because the dragon shifters all have very different personalities and the women that come into their lives are all very different and fun. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.