Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Favorite Picture of the Week

Last month my daughter, grandson (Logan) and Logan's dad took a drive to Kingman Arizona and the Hoover Dam. This is what the terrain in Kingman Arizona looks like. Lots of desert, rocks, and small brush/bushes.

They stopped to take a look at some of the trains and Logan had fun climbing on them. 

This one was huge. Those are the wheels on the train. Even my daughter couldn't believe how big it was. 

They visited the Hoover Dam and saw the bypass bridge that was built in 2010. And do you see where those people are standing? That is the viewing area along the dam, you can see the water that's being held back by the dam and you can look down and see the dam itself. As you can imagine, people have come here to jump to their deaths. 

This was taken on the Hoover Dam. The view is pretty spectacular and that's Lake Mead that you see there. 

Remember back when I said you could see the dam from the viewing area? Well, here ya go. 

As you can see, when your standing on the dam in the viewing area, there's not much stopping you from being able to jump over and off the dam. That's Logan standing in the viewing area. It's really something to see though, I've been to it a few times.