Saturday, August 05, 2017

What's Been Happening Here?

Today I thought I'd share with you a few interesting things that have happened to me lately.

Last month my neighbor's son broke my mail box. It took days for me to get a confirmation from the post office and finally from my postal carrier that there was a work order put in and it would be fixed at some point. My # is the 11 box. The bottom of the box has been pried out and it's really hard to open and close. Even though I've called so many times I've lost count to find out when it will be fixed and they tell me soon, I won't hold my breath. It's still not fixed but they assure me that it will be soon. 

My neighbor across the street is friends with a man that works at a grocery store. This man didn't like seeing all the food that was no longer fresh enough to sell or close to the expiration date, being thrown in the trash. So he took it upon himself to pack his truck (The one on the street with the door open) with some of the food that was still good but no longer sell-able and give it away. He brings some of the non perishable foods to the food bank and then the perishable stuff he lets his friend across the street know he's coming (about once a week) and she will come across the street to my side and let everyone in this apartment complex know he'll be here in 10 minutes. Most days when he gets here, you can hear him yelling, "Free food! Free Food!" and people will come out to see what he has that day. Ken went out this day and you can see him standing by the car, in the green shirt. The guy had ice cream and snacks that day. 

This is what we got that day. The people around here really appreciate this guy who takes the time to do this because there are a lot of poor people who live in this neighborhood. Sometimes upwards of 30 people show up outside when they know he's coming and sometimes only a handful of people come out. We aren't the only street he goes to, he also brings food to other streets around here. That's not something you see very much and thought it was really nice of him to do. 

Last month we had a big blow out with my next door neighbor (The same one who's son broke my mail box) because people who are looking for her or the guy she lives with are banging on my bedroom window at 3am. We told her 2 times that we don't want her business to spill over into our lives and if it doesn't stop, we would escalate the situation. We believe her boyfriend is dealing drugs out of their apartment. I mean, why else would people be banging on bedroom windows at 3am unless they are looking for something like that. So Ken got mad and made up this sign and put it in our bedroom window. Later that day she came to my door and said because of our sign people keep banging on her bedroom window asking for money and drugs. She lied but Ken took this sign down and put up a new one that reads, "Do not knock on this window!"

We told the police when they were here for another fight in my courtyard that there are 6 problem apartments that are always fighting, breaking things and have a lot of traffic. So they said they would patrol more often here and we've seen more cops in the neighborhood over the part 3 weeks. And no one else has knocked on my bedroom window.

So that's what's been going on in my neck of the woods. What's been going on with you?