Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Neuragen Gel

My husband has been suffering from neuropathy pain in his feet for over a year and his doctors said they could get rid of the pain with a prescription medicine called Gabapentin. The prescription medicine worked for a little while but when the pain from the neuropathy got worst the prescription medicine stopped working, even when the dose was doubled.

So I went looking online for something, anything that would work and I came across a website for Neuragen. They claimed that their product would relieve the shooting pain, burning, tingling and stabbing pain associated with neuropathy. At the time they were giving away a small sample of their Neurogen PN liquid and so I signed up for the sample. When it came Ken used it on his feet and almost immediately it started to work on the pain he was having.

I visited the site and saw they also had a gel form of the Neuragen for $32.99 for a 0.28 oz jar. I checked for the product and they had it for $22.00 and eligible for free super saver shipping. So of course I ordered it from them and saved myself a little money.

I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that kind of money for such a small amount but when it came and we used it on hubby's feet, I could see you only need to use a tiny amount on the area that's hurting. So this small jar is going to last a while, but I plan on buying another jar just to have on hand.

This product, works really well. The gel is easier to apply to targeted areas that are bothering you and you don't have to run in it a lot because it absorbs right in and starts working almost immediately. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from neuropathy pain and hasn't been able to find anything that seems to help. Hubby is even going to bring this product with him the next time he goes to the doctor so the doctor knows to tell his other patients who have this problem what to get.