Thursday, May 01, 2014

Review of V8 VFusion 100% Juice

Hubby bought this because he likes V8 juice and he likes fruit juice and we have been seeing commercials about how great this tastes and how it gives you a full serving of fruits and vegetables. So he wanted to try it. He poured a glass and took a sip...all I can say is the face he made was not one of delight. 

He handed me the glass and asked me if it tasted bad or if maybe it had gone rotten. That's right, it tasted so bad to him that he actually thought it was rotten.

So I bucked up and took a sip and it was the most foul thing I've tasted in a long while. I took another sip because I knew it wasn't rotten or hadn't gone bad but what was it that made it taste so bad? So I took another sip and realized what I was tasting..there was the banana and strawberry but there was also a taste of tomato juice. That's right, just picture pouring tomato juice all over a banana and popping that succulent edible in your mouth and you might understand how this just doesn't work at all.

Some say it's like sunshine in your mouth but for me it was more like a tornado destroyed my taste buds.

And kids are supposed to love this stuff? Doubtful.