Monday, July 16, 2012

Presidio Social Club Still Serving foie gras

I read recently that The Presidio Social Club in San Francisco has found a way to serve foie gras even though there's a ban on the stuff where this restaurant is located.
The article is located on Yahoo..

I have a real problem with this and am in support of the ban on foie gras. I thought it didn't happen soon enough and more states should really take this stand as well. The reason for the ban is that the ducks and geese that the foie gras comes from are treated inhumanely and abused, force fed and most times hurt or damaged in the force feeding process.

Just go to you tube and look up any videos on foie gras force feeding. I'm not going to post any of those vile videos here because they are sickening, but they are there for those who don't believe this is happening.

The owner of the Presidio Social Club has said that he found a loop hole in the law and ban and plans on serving foie gras...because he can. He doesn't care that there is a ban for a reason, that animals are being mistreated and abused just so he can serve duck liver and make a little more money.

It's all about greed with him.

So I say, let's him in where it will hurt the most. In his wallet.

Stop going to his restaurant. Tell others to stop going there. Tweet it, post bad reviews on Yelp, blog about it, send him emails, write to him and tell him how he lost more customers. Overwhelm their email, fb, twitter and phone with people calling and writing to them and maybe he will think twice about this. This establishment already had a lot of bad 1 star reviews on yelp. Lets write more.

You can reach him any of these ways, and I've supplied links to where you can write to him below. Please don't let this go on. Let him know that you don't approve of this and let's stop the abuse and inhumane treatment of these innocent animals.

Presidio Social Club
563 Ruger St, (near Lombard Gate, in the Presidio)
San Francisco, CA 94129
(415) 885-1888

Yelp- Write a 1 star review if you have an account here.



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