Thursday, August 17, 2023

Book Review: Broken Mate by Jen L. Grey

Book Description

I'm the last surviving member of my pack, and I'm running for my life. As the future pack leader of the Silver Wolves, my life was carefully planned: stay hidden, and learn to fight. In an instant, everything changes. My pack was slaughtered by an unknown enemy. Alone and unsure who to trust, I search for safety.

Now, there's a pack leader who offers me something that no one else can--protection. He’s sexy, an absolute jerk, and my fated mate. The more I try to fight our bond, the more fate pushes us together. But the price may be too much for both of us.

I’m being hunted, and the choices I'm forced to make could destroy me.

*Please Note*

Welcome to Shadow City, where each trilogy focuses on a different pair of fated mates. By the end of every trilogy, each couple will have their happy ever after.

However, not every mystery will be solved. Some secrets will span additional trilogies, but will in no way take away from the individual stories.

My Review

Sterlyn gets told to run to Shadow City as her father, the alpha of her pack is dying. The rest of her pack had been slaughtered by others who wanted to kidnap her and make her a slave to them so she would have babies because of the kind of wolf shifter she was. So she ran and as she gets to Shadow City she runs into Killian who helps her stay safe. But things aren't as safe there as she thought because those others are still after her. 

While hiding and trying to stay safe, she meets Killian's best friend, Griffin and feels a pull towards him. But Killian lets her know that Griffin is a player and will never be serious about any relationship he has. But Griffin knows this is different since he knows that Sterlyn is his fated mate, if he can only get her to trust him. 

Just when things seem to be calming down the bad guys show up and are ready to kill anyone who gets in their way so they can kidnap her. But things don't exactly go their way. 

Because of that last paragraph under the description of the book, I knew that there would be a kind of cliffhanger for the ending of this book and some things would be left open. I don't like cliffhangers but since I knew about it going in, I was fine with reading this. As long as I knew beforehand and can make up my own mind if I want to take the time to read a book that might end like this, it's on me if I read it. But I liked the way this ended so that was good.

I liked the storyline, the characters and how it all played out. I'm looking forward to reading the next book now. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.