Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How To Give A Rat Medicine

I know I've talked before about how my little guy, Brodie had an upper respiratory infection and now have him on antibiotics. Sometimes the upper respiratory infection does permanent damage to their little lungs and they will need to stay on antibiotics for the rest of their lives. I know a lot of people will put the liquid antibiotics right into the water bottles but doing that lets all the rats in the cage take the antibiotics, so what I have done is put the drops into a small spoonful of pudding or yogurt for Brodie and he has no problem eating it. 
My daughter put Bunny ears on Brodie and all the other rats in the cage on Easter and took pictures of them. None of them cared at all. Brodie just started cleaning his face and didn't even try to get the ears off. They are such laid back little guys. This picture was taken while he was cleaning his face. It looks like he's putting his hands on his face, telling my, no more pictures. lol 

Brodie loves his hammock. 

Look at that little face. So sweet. 
I have also had to give the boys mite medicine a few times. I tried putting that stuff in so many different foods and so many times they just weren't having it. It must taste really bad. But I added it to a small spoonful of chocolate pudding and they ate it up no problem. 

So that's my tip to all you rat mommy and daddy's out there. Add the medicine to something sweet like yogurt, pudding, ice cream, cake or frosting. It works every time.