Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Myths Your Grandma Might Have Told You

There are little white lies that your mother, father, grandparents tell the little one's just to keep them from getting into trouble or making a mess. Then there are Myths that they actually believe to be true that they might have told you and when you get older you think, "Why did I believe anything they said?"

Going Outside With Wet Hair Will Give You A Cold- Totally false. All it does is maybe make your hair frizzy...

Swimming While Menstruating Will Make Sharks Attack You Because They Can Smell The Blood- Ridiculous. Sharks Attack Humans Because They Are Hungry And We Look Like A Good Meal. lol

Cracking Your Knuckles Will Give You Arthritis- I actually asked my doctor and he laughed..not true.

Going Outside In The Cold Without A Jacket Will Make You Catch A Cold- Not unless the the person you are out there with has a cold a sneezes in your face.

If You Swallow An Apple Seed, It Will Grow Apple Tree's In Your Belly- Grandma was a funny old woman, always telling me this. So I swallowed a few apple seeds just to see if it would work..it didn't.

Don't Swallow Your Gum, It Will Stay In Your Stomach For 7 Years!- No, actually it won't. Your stomach breaks down anything that can't be absorbed and it comes out where everything else eventually comes out..in the toilet.

Don't Make Pasta Sauce While Menstruating, You'll Make The Sauce Go Sour- I don't see how anything that's going on down below can make the food I'm cooking...go sour. That would be a super power and all women would everywhere would be threatening to make dinner for their husbands during "THAT" time of month if they weren't nice to us.

Don't Make That Face, Or Your Face Will Stay That Way Forever!- If only it were that easy to get back at a little brother, alas it's just not true.

Stop Masturbating Or it Will Fall Off/ You'll Go Blind!- At a certain age teenage boys need their own bathrooms because they spend so much time in there no one else can use it. But I don't know of one case where 'it' fell off or caused blindness from over use. lol

If A Dog Scared You While Your Pregnant, Your Baby Will Have a Fear Of Dogs.- Only if you tell the child to be afraid of dogs when he's older. A Fetus cannot learn anything from you before birth.

Don't Drink A lot of Tea Or Your Skin Will Turn Darker.- I love tea and I drink quite a bit of it and I'm still lily white, so myth debunked.

Eating A lot of Fish Will Make You Smarter.- I've met some people who eat fish 4 times a week and they are, how shall I say...a few pieces of chicken short of a picnic basket. Dumber than a box of nails. Fish didn't help their brains any, they might as well eat cookies every day for the next 10 years for all the good it's done.

Breaking A Mirror Will Give You Bad Luck For 7 Years- I'm sort of a klutz and have broken many a mirror and don't think my luck has been all that bad. Unless you factor in the fact that I haven't won the lottery, Mega Bucks or Publishers Clearing House...

Tampons Can Get Lost, So Don't Use Them!- Lost? In a Vagina? Where would it go exactly? Maybe my mother thought it would travel all the way up to my brain and stick out one of my eye sockets. Either way, it's a myth, tampons can't mysteriously disappear or get lost.

Do what myths were you told when you were younger?