Saturday, April 18, 2020

Sheets Masks- Congrats, You Look Ridiculous!

A few weeks ago I asked you guys in a post whether or not you'd like to see me do a sheet mask post where I make fun of them and myself and wear a few of them in a post. Well, you all said yes, so here you go! I think we all need something to laugh about right now.

Sheet masks are usually white cloths that have holes for eyes, nose and mouth and are soaked in some kind of liquid that's supposed to make your face feel softer, smoother, help with wrinkles ect. To me they are a waste of time because smoothing on a little moisturizer does the same thing without looking ridiculous.

On the back of the first sheet mask in the instructions was this, " Congratulations, you look ridiculous. Go with it." Ok, well here we go. 

This sheet mask obviously didn't have enough liquid in it to actually stick to my face. This is not how it's supposed to fit. 

This one had enough liquid on it and it did stick to my face. And yes, I look ridiculous. My dog was giving me weird looks and so was Ken. 

Sometimes the sheet masks are bright colors like this blue on that didn't have enough liquid on it to stick to my face. It kept falling off. A couple of my readers have said they've never seen a sheet mask, well now you have. I hope you enjoyed it. lol 

Now there's a look! While not a sheet mask these are supposed to soothe your face and lips. They are reusable too. You put them in the freezer or fridge for an hour before use and place them on your eyes and lips and it's supposed to help with eye puffiness. But for me, it really didn't do much for me. They did keep falling off though. They don't lay flat so it didn't help much. That's some look though.