Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My day of shopping

I was going to post this last night but for some reason I coulnd't get on my blog, something about cookies being dosabled and javascript not enabled...blah blah blah....I'm not a computer expert so I just waitied until this morning to try again and low and behold I can post again. hmmmmm lol
Throw Computer
I can see the question trickling in your mind at this very momentt.....what are you going to rant about this time? Well let me tell you. Oh Jeez
I was out all day doing shopping for school clothes with my daughter. Fun fun. I wouldnt be doing this if I didn't think it was necessary, and oh was it necessary. She needed some new pants to get dirty and ruin the first day of school. I thought girls were suppossed to be neater, Girly Girl cleaner and quieter? Mine is loud, bubbly, happy when she shouldn't be and chatters like a crack addict! I'm not kidding. This kid can sit and talk about absolutely nothing for hours! She is bubbly happy and laughing, god I want to smack her sometimes.
Now we get home and she has to call her friends to come over and see her new clothes. Well duh! What was I thinking? These kids never seem to go away, they seem to lurk around,.lol
Now one of her friends is a total loud mouth. Now I know I can talk my ass off, but this chick takes the cake...think of me....only 100 times worst!
Shut Up
How fitting...

That my only child would find someone to be best freinds with that can look at a rose petal laying on the ground all my itself and find 1000 things to say about it. I'm not kidding!

Ahhh the future of america..........that is why I am pro choice!

I’m just screwed if my family ever decides to start reading my blog. Oh wait, Ken does sometimes. Hi Ken.
So since I was out all day I wasn't around to pay attention to my old Rat, Romi. She is getting up in years and just like an elderly person she has ways to tell you she is pissed at you when your not around. So Romi decided to shake the water bottle all to hell and let the water leak all over the cage, yeah it was full when I left. Then since that wasn't good enough, she decided to dump the canned dog food I gave her all over the spilled water. Yeah that was nice and smelly to clean up. Angelic Mouse She eats canned dog food cause she is old and won't chew seeds anymore. lol Yeah she's so spoiled. But oh, she also decided to take her bedding..I give her cotton like fluff to sleep on..made for small animals. But she decided to pull that out of her house and let it soak up some of the water. Maybe she was trying to clean the mess up before mommy got home. Ya think?

So I come home, listen to the kids yap about clothes, Shut Up school, boys ....gawd make it stop! lol , I look over at the cage and she is looking at me, with her head hung low so her little beady black eyes are starring straight at me. Yeah I can imagine what she was thinking. "C'mon over here mommy..I have a surprise for you" LOL
So I go over, take her out and her little feet are covered with dog foodwater, nice.... clean her up and put her on her towel on the couch so I can clean out her cage. I'm not tired enough at this point..Oh no.

I'm almost done, just wiping out the cage and putting new bedding, food, and fluff..not to mention filling the water bottle and affixing it to the inside of the cage with velcro..take that Romi..try and move it now. lol
I look over and find that dear loving Romi has become a towel shredder, shredding down said towel with her teeth and paws. Oh hell no. I'm allready tired enough, I don't intend to spend the better part of the night picking towel threads off the couch and out of her claws. So I go over and take the towel away...but Romi rattie is not done...Oh no..not by a long shot. I go put everything right in the cage and get ready to put her back cause frankly I need a cup of tea. I go to get her and she's gone! But then I see the couch cushion moving. My couch has miraculously grown a Rat appendage.!
I go peek under the cushion and it seems she is cleaning under there for me. LOL She found a peanut and is curled up eating it. I picked her up and she finished her peanut and then layed her head on my arm, now how was I going to put her down after she looked up at me all sweet. So of course she spent the next 2 hours on the couch snuggled up on me while I finally had my tea and watched t.v. . lol
Couch Potato