Thursday, January 06, 2022

Book Review: Knight's Redemption by Sherilee Gray


Book Description

The Knights of Hell have grabbed my attention and dragged me into their dark, sexy and action packed world!

With one fatal mistake, immortal demon hunter Lazarus started a chain reaction that set him and his five brothers on a collision course straight to Hell.

There’s only one way to save them all—claim his mate, a sweet beauty he doesn’t deserve and will only end up hurting. But immortals fall hard, and walking away from her when it’s over is going to be near-impossible.

When bookstore owner Eve Taylor starts hearing the thoughts of others, she is certain she’s losing her mind. Until the day a wickedly seductive and dangerous warrior appears and introduces her to a terrifying new world—one she has been part of her whole life and never knew.

Now, with a traitor consumed by darkness and driven by revenge hunting them, they have one chance at survival. But they must give into the scorching desire that, if they let it, could destroy them both.

My Review

Lazarus made a mistake, an accident really that cost his friend his mate and now Tobias is out for revenge. Tobias let his demon half take over and is out for revenge against Lazarus so finding his mate is the last thing he wants to do but that's exactly what happens. 

Eve can hear people's thoughts so when her powers showed up and Lazarus shows up to make sure she's safe, all hell breaks loose when a demon goes for her and tries to take her. Lazarus realizes that Eve is his mate and has to keep her safe. So he kills the demon and talks her into coming with him. 

Eve isn't sure Lazarus is the good guy even though he saved her but all kinds of weird things are happening and she knows she'd never be able to fight these demons who want to kidnap her by herself so she gives Lazarus a chance. So when he brings her back to where he and his brothers live, some with their mates, it's not long before Eve starts to feel safe around them. 

But Lazarus is fighting an attraction for her even though she's his mate and she can make him stronger if he tells her and she agree's to mate him so he can fight Tobias. But he doesn't think he's good enough for her so for a while he is able to keep his distance until some secrets are revealed and things don't go as planned. 

I really liked getting to know Lazarus and his brothers and even though I would hope that Tobias comes to his senses and comes back to them, I just don't see that happening which is sad. 

This book has a lot of action but it also has a lot of angst which slowed down the romance but I kinda liked that about this. They are attracted to each other but they don't get together right away and I liked getting to know both of them. The ending was so good that I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series now. I would have loved this cover if they hadn't cut his face off. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.