Sunday, August 02, 2015

Flower- My Hairless Rat

Flower is now 28 months old and since rats usually live 2-3 years, I spend as much time with her and Scribbles as I can. She's in really good health and is still very active. She never sits still and loves to come out and play. So I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of her. This one was take a week ago when I opened the door to her cage and she walked down the ramp and onto my computer table to run over and give me kisses and then run back into her cage. She is too funny. 

I was cleaning the potty corner of her cage one morning and had put the plastic bag down outside her cage and she reached her little paw out trying to grab it. lol 

Flower trying out her new hammock. She loved it. 

Doesn't she look inquisitive? 

Oh and she likes whip cream and pumpkin pie. lol I let her have a bite and this is what she looked like after she was done eating. 

The lady that does the rat meme's that I post on Monday's saw this picture and made a meme of Flower's picture. She looks like she was posing for a picture. She's such a pretty girl. She is so friendly, she loves to give kisses and come out to play and she love to jump in my shirt and hide.

Have you ever had a hairless rat? After seeing Flower's cute pictures, would you consider having a hairless rat?