Monday, December 09, 2013

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Crafts

My daughter and I made these cute pine cone Christmas tree's a few years ago and they were really easy to make.

Here's what you'll need:

Several pine cones *rinsed off and dried*
Paint in different colors and paint brushes
Tiny bowls, cups, vases, or planters
Hot glue gun
Plastic beads in various sizes and colors
Tiny ribbons


I was able to find all the supplies I needed at Joannes Crafts but Michaels Crafts store has them too. I used miniature terracotta planters for the base of the tree's and just painted them. You can use whatever small containers you like.

Rinse off all the pine cones because small insects hide inside them sometimes. Set them aside and let them dry.

Get all of your supplies together, so they are handy.

Paint the bases whatever way you like and set aside to dry. Next paint that pine cones whatever colors you want and while they are still wet sprinkle glitter where you'll want the glitter to be. If you are painting some of them green and painting the tips white and adding glitter to the tips, let the green paint dry and then paint the tips white and add glitter to the white paint. Set aside and let dry completely.

Plug in your hot glue gun and wait until it's hot and start adding tiny drops of hot glue to 3-4 places on the tree's and add a plastic bead. Let dry and do 3-4 more at a time. It's easier to add a few drops of hot glue and put the beads on then it is to do it one at a time. The glue dries fast so only gluing 3-4 at a time was best.

Glue on tiny ribbons to the base or any other decorations you want. Add some hot glue to the top rim of the bowls or cups you are using for the base and quickly add the painted pine cones, hold in place for a few seconds to set and set aside to let everything dry.

Some of the plastic beads fall off when they are stored, but it's easy enough to hot glue a few back on each year. This was a really fun project to do with my teenage daughter.