Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Everyone Has A Story, Here's One of Mine

I've been thinking of writing an autobiography or memoir but it just never comes together for me but I figured if I write one story at a time and post it on my blog maybe once a month, I can do that. Maybe one day I'll pull all the stories together and put them in a book but for now I'll just share some stories with you about my childhood. Some of the stories will be happy, some sad and some horrific because that was my childhood. But they will all be real, things that actually happened. If it seems like something that people enjoy reading maybe I'll keep it going. These stories will not be in any kind of order, I'll just write them as they come to me.

Teaching Our Dog To Climb Tree's

After the last couple of month's stories, I thought I would throw in a funny one this month, When my younger brother and I were younger and our parents were still married we had a little black dog named Poochie. He was a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix. We had a huge fenced in back yard with a really tall avocado tree and a few other fruit tree's back there since my dad's parents owned a plant nursery. We had lots of plants. Poochie loved to chase the cats and people but mostly the cats and when they would get in our back yard he would be so irritated when they would climb the tree's to either get on the 4ft tall block wall to get out of the yard or just hop in the tree. So me and my brother when we were really small decided we would teach Poochie how to climb the one tree near the block wall so he would get on the wall and hop down to the other side and chase the cats. Don't worry, he never caught the cats.

So for weeks we picked him up and got in the tree with him and was teaching him how to jump up to where he could stand on the horizontal branches and be able to get on the block wall. One day a cat was in the back yard when we went back there to play and it jumped into that tree and Poochie ran right up into the tree, got on the block wall and jumped the 4 feet down to the other side and chased the cat up another tree. 

Then he ran back home and came back in the back yard. He did this a few times before my mom saw and wondered how he figured out how to climb the tree. We were so proud that we told her we taught him and we got in trouble. But we thought it was funny. 

Not too long after that my dad realized that we had helped Poochie dig a humungous hole in the dirt in the back yard. it wasn't very deep but it was really wide. My brother and I would get back there and start digging with our hands and Poochie would dig right along side us. We were digging tunnels for our trucks, cars, dolls and action figures to play in. Somehow after doing this all Summer my dad realized that there was so much dirt missing from the back yard and the hole was so large that he had to have some dirt trucked in and hand shovel it back in there to level the yard out again. I laugh now because seriously, where the heck did the dirt go? We had a lot of fun with that dog. 

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