Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Birthday Menace

Oh dear gawd nooo. What is this creepy little elf doing at birthday parties now? It's not bad enough that I see pictures and hear stories about this weirdo little elf around Christmas time but now he's creeping into birthday's as well?

He's supposed to be one of Santa's elves so what is he doing at a birthday party, ya know other than being a total creeper?

To me this shows just how damned greedy the company that makes this little treasure really is. It's not good enough that families all over are getting little Tommy an Elf on The Shelf to hang around and spy on the family all Christmas long and report back to the fat man, noooo now the little bastard has to invade other aspects of our childs life and be around for their birthday parties too? Next we'll be seeing the High School Graduation Elf. Nope, retailers and product companies can just calm the hell down and wait their turn or until their holiday comes around. No cheating!

Sorry but that Elf is a creepy little bastard.