Thursday, March 31, 2016

Product Review: Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow With Gel

Product description

★ COOLING GEL- Keeps you cool while you sleep. The Cool Gel side disperses body heat and creates a cooler sleeping surface while working with the core of pressure-relieving memory foam. Its cooling properties dissipate heat for a comfortable night's sleep. The Memory Foam side responds to temperature and pressure to mold to your shape by creating the perfect support for your head, neck and shoulders. Cool Gel and Memory Foam pillow is 5 Inch thick.

★ FIRMNESS: Medium Soft on the Memory Foam Side and Medium Firm on the Cool Gel Side.
★ LUXURIOUS COMFORT: Your head is cradled in comfort and luxury allowing you to get the rest that you deserve. Less tossing and turning means better sleep.

★ DIRECTIONS: With your new pillow please remember the following: 1) Open it and allow it to start to take shape. 2) You may experience a "Fresh Foam" odor which is not harmful. The odor should dissipate within 72 hours. In some rare cases it may take up to 1 - 2 weeks. To assist with the odor we recommend spraying the pillow lightly with Febreze or a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

My Review

This pillow like my other memory foam pillow came rolled up and as soon a you tear the packaging off it, it expands to its full size. Memory foam is really comfortable to sleep on and I love my memory foam pillows. So I was kinda hoping that I could find one with a cooling pad or some kind of cooling gel to keep me cooler in the summer months here when it can reach 117F. I was really hoping this would be that pillow and for the first 30 minutes I did feel some cooling from it but it only lasted about 30 minutes each night I tried it.

They do have an odor like they state they will for the first few days because of the memory foam. I did what they suggested about using febreze and it did get rid of it. 

It comes with a zip off cover that can be put in the washing machine and you can wipe the cooling gel mat off with a damp cloth if you need to. 

I love the memory foam in this pillow though, it's incredibly comfortable to sleep on and forms to the shape of my head and neck when I lay on it. After I get up it takes its shape back within a few seconds. I really like this because I used to buy a new pillow every few months because after laying on it they go flat or if you fold it over they start to take on a weird shape that you can't fluff out. 

This is not a light pillow it has some weight to it but I don't mind that. 

If you'd like to buy one of these for yourself, you an find it here

I give this Cooling Pillow a 3 out of 5 stars. 

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.