Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Personal Rant, Sorry

I don't normally like to use my blog as a means of airing my dirty laundry but the fact is my younger brother and I have a stalker. Our older half brother whom we stopped talking to over a year ago for good reason. The sad fact is he just won't leave us alone even though we've asked him to. Several times. I have personally told him if he doesn't leave us alone I will make public what he has done to make us stop talking to him and I did so in this blog post.. An Open Letter To My Stalker.

He did not heed my warning and so I made this blog post. Using PTSD As An Excuse For Psychotic Behavior, where I explained what he did and linked a news report of his arrest.

Even holding to my word did not deter this man from bothering us which made my younger brother really angry and so he made a blog page. It's called Convict John Radell AKA Bear Whitebow

My younger brother made it, posted a couple of things on it and then left it alone for almost two months...and then older brother John started making comments on one particular blog post. This one.. Fake Indians

He has now made 19 comments on that post, each one a little crazier than the next. Then last night my younger brother received emails from several porn sites saying, "Thanks you for registering with blah blah and blah..." The only problem with that is he didn't sign up for them. Now we can't prove that older brother did this, but it's a pretty good bet that he did.

I can only hope that older brother gets sent to prison for a while where he can detox from the medical marijuana he is so fond of telling everyone he is taking. I really think that stuff has freaked his brain out to the point he can't control himself anymore.

End of rant...

A To Z Blogging Challenge: H Is For help

At some point in our lives we all need to ask for or accept help from another person. Knowing when to accept help is another thing all together. I remember being a very stubborn 21 year old with a newborn baby and when my mom asked me if I wanted her to come and stay with us to help out...I said, "No, I'm fine, I got this."

I didn't have it, not at all. But was too stubborn to accept help from her. So when my own 21 year old daughter had a baby and I saw she was getting stressed out and had postpartum depression like I did, I offered to watch our grandson so they could go out and get away for a while, over night so they could get a full nights sleep or when ever they needed it just for a little time away.

Me with my grandson, Logan. 

Babies are great but they are also stressful, a lot of work and sometimes you need to be willing to accept help from those around you when they offer it. I learned that the hard way and wanted to make sure my daughter and her boyfriend knew they had help if they wanted or needed it. 

We've watched Logan over night so they could get some sleep and during the day so they could go see a movie and just get out for a little while. 

It's easy to help others so why is it so hard to accept help from someone? Pride? You want to prove you can do it yourself? You don't want to look weak? 

There are a lot of reasons but remember when the help is offered, take it. Most times the people offering are genuinely wanting to help out.