Thursday, April 04, 2019

Review: Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy is a monthly subscription box that sends you 5 sample size makeup or beauty products. You can customize what they send you by filling out the personal surveys. I've been more into makeup products lately and decided to try another subscription box. I love the bright pink package they send it in. There's no mistaking who that's from when you see it in your mailbox. These bags are $10 each.

I have one extra product, the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette because I took advantage of the add-ons you can add to your bag each month. This add-on was $12 but it's my first product from Huda Beauty so it was so worth it to me. It came with beautiful eyeshadow colors. 

What was in my bag?

Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara
Foxybae Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner
Lottie London Shimmer Squad Highlighter
IBY Beauty Eyeshadow 
SLMISSGLAM SS62 Short Shadow Brush

I looked up the eyeshadow palette that I got for $12 and it's going for $27 or more everywhere else so I am happy I got it. The colors are so pretty and they blend so nicely. 

That leave in conditioner smells so good. I've used it a few times and love how soft it leaves my hair. I cut my hair a few months ago but it's grown out a little and is back to where I can sit on it again. I have a lot of hair but this tube of conditioner will last me a little while. 

I don't usually use highlighter because I didn't have one that I liked...until now. This highlighter is so pretty but a little goes a long way. I don't want to be flagging planes down with the light reflecting off my cheek bones. 

I can always use another mascara. I remember back when I was in high school, a tube of mascara would last me 6 months. Now I'm lucky if a tube will last 2 month before it dries out and I have to open a new one. I sometimes think manufacturers do this shit on purpose so we spend more money on makeup. Well, I guess it worked. 

I can always use another eyeshadow brush and this has a cute pink handle. 

The small eyeshadow they sent me is a really cute purple and it's a shimmery color which is really pretty. 

I'm pretty happy with all the products they sent me. I'm loving this subscription box so far.

Have you ever subscribed to Ipsy?