Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bad Porn

Yep, it really is about what you think it's about...bad porn movies. Hey, I may be sweet but I watch them just like everyone else does. lol

But really what's with the bad camera angles where all you see for 40 minutes is the veincam getting a shot of what we thought was going to be a well endowed member plowing into a sexy bitch and ends up being some old hooker looking girl getting suddenly rammed with a not so well endowed guys member while he says oh yeah you like that and she moans louder than anyone you've ever heard in your life.

Should be erotic...but it's not. It's nauseating.

Who the hell wants to see some overly made up chick smearing lipstick all over her face as she snarls in what looks like pain as he tries to ram himself into what he calls her sweet ass, all the while looking like he's having a seizure and she does her personal impersonation of a rag doll screaming oh baby oh baby give it to me baby. (say that slowly with absolutely no enthusiasm and you'll know what I mean)

I don't know about you but I don't want to see some idiot pleasing himself while pointing his one eyed monster at her face and her making strange mewling noises as her nostrils are soaked with his seed. *Yeah that will give you nightmares for days won't it?*

I really don't want to see up close shots with the veincam looking at someone's idea of sexy when in actuality all we get is filming of his or her pubic area that actually looks a 3 year old tried to shave it because it's red and inflamed and in need of medical attention. Yeah sexy baby!

Lets not forget the the 10 minute shot of the one eyed monster thrusting home in extreme veincam closeup. Ahhhhh! They are so close you can tell whether or not he wiped really good the last time he used the bathroom. Oh what to much for you?...too bad.

Why is it that most porn producers make loads (excuse the word) of money but can't seem to make a porn movie worthy of watching?