Thursday, May 09, 2024

Book Review: Just One Night by Carly Phillips


Book Description

He’s a billionaire with everything he desires…except the woman he wants most.
She’s his best friend, personal assistant, and off limits.
Until one night and a positive pregnancy test changes everything.

Jordan Greene, the housekeeper’s daughter, is the only woman who can handle billionaire Linc Kingston and his bossy ways. She’s also his lifelong best friend. No matter how hot the attraction between them simmers, there are lines she knows better than to cross.

When Linc is gutted by lies and family secrets, Jordan’s comfort ends with a sensual night in bed and a surprise he never expected. Getting his personal assistant pregnant makes him too much like the father he despises, and his initial reaction may cost him everything he loves.

My Review

Jordan has been Linc's personal assistant and friend for a long time. They pretty much grew up together but her mother was Linc's family's housekeeper. Jordan has feelings for Linc but she'll never act on them because her mother has her convinced that she's not good enough for Linc because of how rich his family is. But Linc has feelings for Jordan too and one night they act on their feelings, knowing that it's a one time thing...only, is it?

After Linc's father dies, he finds out some family secrets and finds out some things his father did to put the family business in jeopardy. Dealing with all of this news puts Linc on edge and he's really stressed out. But Jordan is there for him in more ways than one. Once they act on their feelings, things between them are different and they both make some mistakes. Communication is key because without it, all you have is misunderstandings and chaos. 

I usually read a romance with more of a paranormal feel to it but this sounded so good so I had to read it. It turned out to be a good read. I love a friend's to lover's trope and this had a great one because it was realistic with the drama that came with it. 

I give this 4 out of 5 stars.