Sunday, March 16, 2014

Japan's Rabbit Island

When I first saw this video I thought maybe those rabbits were hers and she just took them for a walk. *Hey, crazier things have happened.*

But it turns out that on an Island located near Hiroshima and Shikoku there is this island called, Ōkunoshima where bunnies roam free and tourists come to play, cuddle and feed them.

During World War II this island was a top secret military site where they made poison gas for chemical warfare. Bunnies were brought there to test the effects of the gas but when the war ended the workers released all the bunnies. *Some sources say that a few bunnies were released from school children in the 70's but no one knows for sure how they got there*

There's a hotel on the Island and you can buy pellet food to feed the bunnies.

If you want to read an article on bunny island and see some really cute photos just click the link below.

 Ōkunoshima's Bunny Island