Sunday, March 24, 2013

Confessions Of A Candy Addict

I may have told you a couple of years ago that my favorite candy is gumballs. I don't even have to eat them...I just like looking at them and opening up the top of the jar and smelling them. Yes, I realize this is two stops short of a fetish and I'm ok with that. lol 

I always seem to have some sort of candy on hand to snack on every once in a while.When my daughter was younger I would get candy and have it in the candy dishes for her and her friends...*but I really had it in the house for me* That's right, I bought a tub full of Laffy Taffy...145 pieces of it! Hubby is helping me eat 

My daughter and husband knew how  much I wanted cute candy dishes so they bought me these two really cute candy jars that I have on my shelf. Of course they are filled with candy. One with gumballs and the other with Laffy Taffy. 

Now this is a real empty candy jar. It's sitting on another shelf just waiting for me to find the right candy to fill it with. I'm thinking something colorful for easter like Easter M&M's. You can't tell but this is a gallon size candy will hold a heck of a lot of M&M's. 

The last candy I bought and filled this with was a 5lb bag of Sunkist Fruit chews. That lasted me about 4 would have lasted longer but I gave a good chunk of it to my daughter and her boyfriend and I had the candy dish on the coffee table filled and when company came over they ate some..which is fine, that's why I got the big bag. 

So are you a candy addict too?

What's your favorite candy?