Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Review: Dead Men Seal The Deal by Jacqui Jacoby

Book Blurb

Too-playful-for-his-own-good, Jason Sullivan keeps himself busy working his job, hitting the gym, and dating the right girl for the right amount of time. He loves romance. He loves treating a woman right. Until he has a chance encounter with Taylor Grant. Taylor escaped Georgia to flee a broken relationship. Her convictions to stay single, stay away from men and give up sex altogether will be challenged when the mischievous Jason gets her in his cross hairs. Jason’s seductions are not only in his romances, but also in his job. When a meeting with a new client brings Jason's human past forefront, secrets and regrets come crashing down around him. He will turn not only to the new lady in his life, but to his ‘brothers’—Travis, Ian, Quinn and Evan—who will unite as an unstoppable force that not even one greedy, vindictive hag can expect.

My Review

Since I love vampires and vampire stories I thought I would give this book a try. I love reading new to me authors and finding new books and authors to love so I'm really glad to have read this because I know I'll be reading more from this author in the future. 

Jason Sullivan loves a good challenge and after meeting Taylor, he's in full challenge mode since he asked her out and she turns him down. 

Taylor Grant tries to keep Jason away and even warned him she's sworn off men and sex but it doesn't stop him from pursuing her. She finally breaks down and gives in to a date. They see each other a couple of times and then he brings her home to meet his family, that's when the real fun begins. 

The emails they send back and forth to each other were fun, playful and made me laugh. You could really see the chemistry between these two and I knew they were made for each other even if they didn't...yet. 

Jason is different, he's a vampire. But the real fun is Jason's family. They are so much fun and I could see myself being comfortable around them as long as they've been fed before I get there. But Jason loves animals and it seems so does his 'family'. I really like it when a story has some kind of animal element to it and this one has more than one and it was too darn cute how the household ends up with not one but several different animals. 

Everything is going great and then something really bad happens and that starts a whole new darker feel to this story. Things happen and feelings are hurt and even I got emotional reading it but in the end we get to find out if a human female will willingly change her entire life to be the vampire of her dreams. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

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