Saturday, May 22, 2021

Easy Cheese

I didn't have a post written for today and was going to leave it a no post day. But then while on social media, I was reading one of those posts about, "Products in the US that people in other places around the world don't know." and one of those things was this, which I had in my cabinet. I guess I didn't realize that people outside of the US might not know what this was unless they too have seen those posts about it that I was reading. 

This is Easy Cheese. It's cheese in a can that you squeeze out and put on crackers. Yes, you read that right. 

When you pop that top off, there's a nozzle that you press side ways and the cheese comes squirting out. 

I put some on some crackers so you can see what I mean. You're welcome. lol 

Most people that I know, love this stuff. Heck, back when I had rats, they loved this stuff too. I'm sure my dog would too if he didn't have a crazy sensitive stomach. 

So have you had this? Heard of it? If this is your first time seeing it, what do you think? Would you try it?