Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review: Diatomaceous Earth by Abundant Living

Product Description: 
Tired of pests on your pets, in your bed & home? Natural, organic pest control that really works!
No chemicals to spray around your pets. No worries about kids getting into poison. 100% Nontoxic.
Good health is on its way! DE & CB used for 100+ years. Experience relief! Be parasite free.
Amazing natural remedy with tons of uses. Save money, time & mess! Applicator bottle is prefilled.
Purchase today & Abundant Living guarantees you experience success or they'll give you 100% refund!

My Review: 
I really hate ants and every summer my apartment courtyard gets ants so bad that we can't even stand in one place on the side walks because they will get on you there's so many of them. I've been using DE in my home for years as a preventative measure to keep the stray ants, spiders and beetles away. But this year I decided to get some more DE and sprinkle it outside. So when I saw this I knew this was what I was going to get. They send you a big bottle and it has an added ingredient that I've never used before and wanted to see if that killed the bugs faster. I sprinkled this stuff all over outside where I saw the ants and went back out the next day and there were half as many ants! Another day went by and I checked again and while there are still some stragglers coming from places I didn't put this product down, so many of the ants are now gone. I plan on sprinkling this stuff all over my courtyard, especially in front of my apartment and where I walk the dog.

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Disclaimer: I was given this at a discount in exchange for my honest review.