Thursday, April 29, 2021

Review: Seduced By The Dragon Lord by Kiersten Fay


Book Description

Trapped in an alien spacecraft through no fault of her own, Jessie Knight is jettisoned into space and intercepted by a mysterious group of soldiers who call themselves dragon shifters. Thrust into a world of myth, legend, and danger, she discovers she may not be entirely human as she begins to develop latent powers that both captivate and mystify her. Placed under the protection of a gorgeous dragon shifter named Orik, she quickly realizes she must conceal her new abilities or be declared his enemy.

No one knows better than Orik Theroux of the King’s Guard that witches are heartless and ruthless killers who must be stamped out of existence. Orphaned by a group of them at a young age, he has vowed to destroy every last witch who crosses his path…until he begins to fall for an exquisite human female who turns out to be more than she seems. When the palace is besieged by witches, he must decide if he can trust Jessie with his life…and his heart.

My Review

Jessie is out for a walk in the woods when she stumbles into a cave to wait out the thunderstorm that pops up. But the cave is more than she could ever imagine and when she accidentally presses the wrong button, an alien space craft carries her away. But she isn't going to let the aliens get their hands on her when the ship is intercepted. 

Orik learned the hard way that witches are trouble when they killed his parents for no reason. So when he and his people intercept an enemies ship and find a human woman inside and is finally able to get her to come out, he finds he likes her but she might be more than human.

This book starts off so sad when Orik is a child and finds his dragon shifter parents have been murdered. But after Jessie finds out that their queen is also a human and the queen makes her feel safer, she stops being so scared for a while. The queen is married to royalty, which makes her the queen but she's still getting used to that. Jessie is given a room, actually a large suite of her own but she just wants to be able to go out and walk around the garden. She doesn't like being cooped up in her room all the time and when she calls Orik to take her out he always has an excuse why he can't. So Jessie escapes her room on more than one occasion and Orik always finds her. This last time though, Jessie finds herself in trouble when a menacing witch finds her and puts a tracking spell on her that Orik can smell when he finds her.

Jessie is starting to think that she might have some magic inside her but if she does she has to keep it hidden because dragons don't like witches and Orik is known as the destroyer because he's vowed to kill the witches he comes across because he thinks they are all evil. So Jessie isn't sure that he won't kill her without giving her a chance to show him that she isn't evil even though she's not sure that she really is a witch. They get thrown together in a cabin waiting for a storm to pass and they get to know one another better but she's still not sure she can trust him with all her secrets. 

When the truth comes out Orik reacts in a bad way and so do most of the other dragons but Orik and Jessie find themselves in a lot of danger. 

This story was so good. Jessie is sassy, sarcastic and has a determined fighting spirit. While Orik wasn't sure about her at first, it sure didn't take long to see that he admired her and found her attractive. These two were so good together. I also loved Jessie's little animal friend, Phoenix. Orik was terrified of this little ball of fluff but Jessie had a way with animals and Phoenix loved her. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

I received an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.