Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Book Review: Dreams of Darkness by Eve Langlais


Book Description

Warning: This dark urban fantasy contains scenes of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Waking with horrific injuries in a hospital, Adara can’t recall her past. Who is she? And more importantly what is she? Her only hints come during her nightmares.

Dark dreams that are forgotten when she wakes.

Having amnesia doesn’t stop danger from stalking her. She attracts the attention of a werewolf and a vampire. As events spiral out of control she wonders if she’s losing her mind.

Magic and supernatural beings can’t exist.

Her mind says ‘Forget.’

But she wants to remember. However, if she does, will the truth shatter her?

My Review

Adara wakes in the hospital after having sustained horrible injuries but she has amnesia and doesn't remember who she is or how she got hurt. The doctor puts her in the mental hospital and somehow messes with her mind and puts her on medication. After a while the doctor sets her up in a run down apartment and a job in a bad neighborhood. He makes her call him all the time to check in and he keeps track of her but it's not because he cares. 

Logan is a werewolf and the head of his pack. He's out patrolling one night when he realizes a zombie is attacking someone in a store so he steps in and dispatches with the zombie. He's not sure whether to kill the human girl or not but once he gets close to her, all thoughts of killing her go out the door. He helps her and follows her home to make sure she's alright. But more zombies attack her so he brings her to his house.

Titus is a vampire and the cabal leader. He can hear Adara's cries for help when she's asleep and having horrific nightmares. He rushes to Logan's house only to find that Logan has somehow been pulled into Adara's nightmare, literally. Once she's awake and they realize that she's suffered horrible pain at the hands of others they decide to work together to find out who and what Adara is because she's not entirely human. 

I liked the premise of the story but it was a little slow to begin and there isn't much to this story. I can see there's going to be a love triangle between these three but there's really no spark between them. Titus and Logan don't like each other and are fighting to win her in their own ways like she's some trophy to win. 

And then this book ends in a cliffhanger. This book might tell us what happened to her and by whom but not really why. I didn't like how it ended and it didn't keep me engaged enough to read the next book. 

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.