Friday, November 04, 2005

Gift cards

So today was a friend of the familes b-day. I've known her for a few years and thought it would be nice since she was going to be at my mom's to get her something when I went over to my mom's place. She's more my mom's friend than mine but hey, I thought I was being nice. So I go to Target and get her a $50.00 gift certificate. I thought that was an okay b-day present for someone who's just a friend. I still think it is. I go to my mom's and my mom had her a cake, and gave her a nice silver picture frame. I give her the envelope with the gift certificate in it and when she see's it, she kinda looks at me weird. I tell her I hope she finds something she can use.
She turns to me and has the audacity to say "Well hun, I appreciate the thought but I would never wear anything from Target. Would you mind a great deal if I gave this to my 8 year old niece?"
I was so shocked that she said that. I just looked at her and told her they had some nicer clothes there, but they also had other stuff she might like,. Why not get a bottle of perfume and some munchies or a book and stock up on holiday cards or something.
She laughed and said that she couldn't go to work wearing something she bought at Target. What? Huh?!! The hell you say! She works as an accountant for gods sake, *rolling eyes sarcastically* it's not like she spends thousands of dollars on her wardrobe.! at least I don't think she does. lol Yeah I wanna go to Macys who only makes clothing for the thin people...and pay $100.00 for a scarf! I think not! Shit I should have just given her a $50.00 dollar bill, maybe she could have gotten a pair of socks with it.
Anyway she tells me that she buys all her can do what ever you like with the gift certificate, it is yours.
I then didn't say anyther damn word to the woman as she sat there saying how she couldn't eat an entire piece of cake cause the pounds, the pounds you know. Just how many pounds did she think she would take on her anorexic looking body if she ate two more bites of cake? Oh but then we can't forget if she were to gain a pound or two she wouldn't be able to fit into anthing Macys or Dillaonerds sold and she might have to buy from Target! *Gasp...the horror!*
I have to say that she did try and talk to me before I left and she commented that she liked my earrings and necklace that matched. I looked this woman right in the face and said oh you like this? Well I bought it at the Dollar store, I'm sure they still have several left if you want . LOL She just kinda gave me that OMG I would never ! Look.
Now I remember why I don't 'do' b-day parties. LOLclothing at Macys or Dillards cause there stuff is high quality. Yeah okay what ever! She also buys her cosmetics...yes she said cosmetics, why not just say make-up like an ordinary person? She buys her cosmetics at The Dillards or Macys counter and her perfume is expensive. Well aren't you special! *rolling eyes again*
My mom was staring wild eyed at I guess she thought I would say something to embarass her. but I just looked at Samantha and said well hun, you can do what ever you want with it. It's your's.
This is why I don't usually go tot birthday parties. sheesh.