Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Recipe: Seasoned Pork and Potatoes with Hominy

I like to look in my fridge, see what ingredients I have and just throw a few things together and see how it comes out. lol That's how I come up with some real winners and this was definitely a winner. 

You will need:

5 TBSP Mexican Chorizo *about 3 inches of a sausage*
2 cups diced pork
2 diced potatoes into 1" cubes
1 can of Hominy
3 TBSP oil
Queso Fresco cheese
Salt to taste

What to do: 

Add diced potatoes to frying pan with oil and fry until almost done. Add chorizo to pan and fry on low heat until it breaks down and is like a loose meat sauce. Add diced pork and fry over medium heat until meat is cooked through. Add hominy and stir until heated through. Add salt if you desire. Serve dish topped with cheese crumbles. 

The Mexican market carries the diced pork already diced so I didn't have to cut it up. The Queso Fresco cheese is something new to me and reminded me of a Mozzarella cheese that crumbles. And hominy is great for dishes like this because hominy will soak up whatever spices and flavors that it's in and it worked really well for this dish. Plus, I love hominy. If you've never had Chorizo...trust me. Eat it first and then read the label. 

How do you come up with new recipes? Do you go off a recipe or just wing it like I do at times?