Thursday, September 07, 2023

Book Review: Claiming Emma by Leeah Taylor


Book Description

Pretending to be human is easy until the past comes back to bite…
I am on top of the world. I have my dream job. I have the gorgeous high-rise apartment I always wanted. It’s everything Savage Mountain couldn’t offer me if I’d stayed after high school.

All my dreams are coming true—until my exes show up out of nowhere and wreck through my life. Now I’m at risk of losing the efforts of my hard work, all because of Zeke and Grayson.

Newsflash for them—I’m not the sweet, demure girl they remember. I’ve grown into my fangs and claws and I’ll take them down, leaving my mark behind, just like they did to me.

There’s just one problem— I have no idea if I can fight the mate bond awakened in me to do what needs to be done.

What if I’m not strong enough to resist and buckle under the rabid desire?

Claiming Emma is a standalone in the Corporate Shifters Series. It’s a spicy MMF fated mates shifter romance featuring a sassy, independent heroine, a dominant cinnamon roll, and a broody alpha male.

My Review

Emma left Zeke and Grayson 9 years earlier and broke their hearts. They know she's their mate but she didn't want to have to pick one and break up the friends, even though they never asked her to pick one of them. I don't think she knew she could pick both of them at the time. Now, years later, Zeke and Grayson are a mated pair and Zeke still hasn't forgiven her for leaving them to make a name for herself in the human world. All three of them are shifters and they think she belongs with them. So Zeke makes a plan to go ruffle her feathers and maybe get a little revenge. But when she spots them, she does something they didn't see coming, she invites them both back to her apartment for the night. And for Zeke all thoughts of revenge go out the window. I think they thought that if they can get her to agree to be with them, they'll be able to talk her into coming back to them but that doesn't happen. 

She has feelings for them but she let's them know she isn't going to come back home with them because she likes her life. Well, when things in her life take a total upside down spin she is given a ultimatum by her alpha. So she ends up staying with them for a few weeks to see if they can salvage their relationship but of course there are people that don't want that to happen and throw curve balls in the way putting them all in danger. 

I don't want to give too much away because there are things that happen during the story that you should read for yourself, because the twists in this story are things that the reader should experience for themselves to make it more interesting. I will say that I was pulling for them and really liked this book, a lot. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.