Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Lucky is 1 Year Old Today!

So we had a birthday party! Now I don't know when his actual birthday is because he was about 3 weeks old when we adopted him on January 2nd of last year. But I figured I'd sorta split the difference, but he's a year old now.

Don't worry, he only got a couple bites of cake. 

But he enjoyed it. 

When Lucky came to us, he was as small as a mouse. I actually thought he might be a mouse when I first saw him. I wrote an article that tells how and why we rescued this little guy. 

He was so small that we kept him in a 20 gallon aquarium for a few weeks until I was able to get a cage for him and he wouldn't be able to squeeze through the bars. 

He was so tiny that instead of putting in a full size baby blanket to sleep in like I do the other rats, I put a small black cotton sock, which was still three times the size of him. 

But week after week, he grew and grew. 

I fastly found out that him only having three legs wasn't going to slow him down at all. He ran, jumped, played and had more energy than a toddler.

He's a goofy little guy, always wanting to play and give kisses. 

I was a little surprized just how much he kept growing and is still growing. He's actually very long when he stands up. I haven't tried to measure him because he still has so much energy, he would never sit still long enough for me to do so.

As you can see, he's quite happy though.

He's a chewer too. I had to buy a new cage before he was even 5 months old because he chewed a hole through the bottom of the plastic pan. When I put this lava ledge in his cage, he had half of it chewed in the time it took me to make dinner. LOL 

I bought him a brand new fleece cube...and he chewed it to shreds in 2 days.

But he's my little cuddle boy and is always ready to come out, play, give kisses and lay on the couch to watch tv with us. 

He has more personality than any rat I've ever had and I've had 12 including him. 

He shares my food, my home and my heart. 

Happy Birthday little guy!