Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review: Maple Holistics Dry Hair Treatment- Concentrated Shampoo

Product Description

HEALS SCALP AND HAIR all natural sulfate free shampoo for itchy flaky scalp with jojoba & argan oil balances & purifies hair by reducing sebum and strengthen hair strands for healthier hair and scalp.

TREATS GREASY AND OILY HAIR balancing shampoo for oily hair eliminates environmental pollutants dead cells & dust build up. Greasy hair shampoo removes product build up left by conditioner gel & mousse.

SOOTHE ITCHY SCALP lemon & jojoba oil blend together to heal irritation while stimulating hair growth & hair follicle. These ingredients contain vitamin E & B as well as magnesium calcium & flavonoids.

GREAT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES degrease shampoo uses all natural botanical that are perfect for hair types including curly, straight, wavy, thick or thin hair. Renews hair high quality look for men & women.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED our ingredients are always sulfate, cruelty, pain, and paraben free. Produced in a state of the art facility - this shampoo with leave your hair with an amazing smell & fee.

My Review

I received a sample size bottle of Maple Holistics Shampoo and used it three days in a row. I have very long hair but there was enough in the bottle for me to use it at least three times. The first time I used it, I hadn't washed my hair for 2 days because it says it it good for greasy hair so I wanted to see for myself if it really would 'degrease' my hair and leave it looking clean and shiny like my other shampoos. 

After washing and using my own conditioner and letting it dry I have to say that it got my hair as clean as any of my other shampoos did. My only complaint was that by the end of the day my hair felt greasy again and I can usually skip a day of washing my hair when I use a Pantene or Dove shampoo. But if you use this shampoo every day, it does clean your hair and it is as good as any of the store bought shampoos that I've used. 

I never had an itchy scalp and I do suffer from a mild case of dandruff but never saw any flakes while using this shampoo for the three days that I used it. 

The scent is mild and just ok as far as scents go but it wasn't unpleasant. So as long as you use it every day it's a good shampoo and keeps your hair looking clean and shiny. 

I give this shampoo 4 out of 5 stars. 

Disclosure: I was given a sample free of charge to try.