Thursday, January 26, 2023

Book Review: Fated Mate by Jessica Aspen


Book Description

I've been abandoned. Left on the side of a mountain road with a Rocky Mountain storm on the way and the only person I can turn to is a stranger—
but Aaron has his own secrets...
When Gwynn's dad abandons her the only person she can turn to is a stranger. But how is she to know her knight in shining armor is actually working for the bad guys?

Aaron’s been forced to work for a criminal for too long, he’s just counting the days to freedom. When the opportunity rises he’s ready to jump. The only problem is—in order to get what he wants he has to betray a stranger. Too bad she’s his fated mate…

Now, Aaron has to save Gwynn, keep the pack lands the boss has promised him, and convince the only woman he’ll ever truly love that fairy tales are real—and so are wolf shifters…

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My Review

Gwynn is tricked into going to the mountains with her dad by her dad. Once there she finds her dad ready to sell her to some guys for a debt that he has. But Aaron, a wolf shifter is watching the entire thing go down and he doesn't like any of it. He's trying to bring down the wolf pack that Gwynn has just been given to so they think he's on their side when they ask him to keep her for a while. 

Gwynn thinks that she found a safe place to be with Aaron after she ran away from the guys her dad gave her to. She wasn't dressed for Winter weather in the mountains so when Aaron took her half frozen self back to his cabin to warm up and to escape the bad guys, she takes him up on the offer. 

They get along really good and Aaron falls for her so fast, knowing that she's human and he can't be with her because of the trouble he's mixed up in and what he's given up in order to bring the bad guys down. Everything is going well until she finds out the truth and they find themselves in danger and he has to ask for help from the people he left. 

I really liked Aaron and Gwynn, they make for a really good couple. I really liked the wolf shifter history lesson that we got with this story. This was a fun read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.