Monday, September 10, 2012


Why is it easy to write some thing but hard to write other things? I started out thinking I was going to be a book writer. I even started writing a about 200 pages *Of double spaced typed pages* into it and realized I had just written the end. I put it away and a few years later, re-read it. It's not very good. lol

It'll be a nice find for one of my grandchildren to find when I'm an old woman and read it. I'm sure they'll get a good laugh out of it. But I have written over 200 articles about Small Animal Care, which you can find here.

I don't find those hard to write. I think because I can focus all my thoughts into a few paragraphs and get the information I want to relay into about 500 words and not have to worry about making it longer. I know about the information I write about, I'm living it, have lived it or have seen it with others so I have experience with the situations I write about which I think makes it easier to write about.

There are other things I would love to write, like book reviews. I do them every once in a while when I book really speaks to me, when I want everyone to know how much I loved it and they just must read it...they must! But the words for the book reviews don't come easily for me. I would be most happy just to say, "I loved it...can't really explain why but I did. You simply have to read it and tell me you loved it too." But I know that's really not what I want to put out there and not what readers are looking for when reading book reviews. So I let those that do it best, do the book reviews. I'll just keep buying the books and reading them and telling my friends about them.