Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Book Review: Eight Simple Rules For Dating A Dragon by Kerrelyn Sparks


Book Description


Gwennore is an Elf able to track down the cause of a certain illness and heal it—a valuable asset to her people. But when she is thrust into the realm of the dragons, she discovers a haunted place of power, passion, and magic—one that is plagued by an ancient curse. When she meets the smoldering General Silas Dravenko, Gwen knows she’s entered a whole new world of trouble. She’s been raised never to trust a dragon. So why does making a deal with the devil feel so good?

Silas has no way of saving the royal family he’s served for years. But when a beautiful, innocent elf comes bursting into his world, Silas is awakened to desire in a way he’s never felt before. But how can he trust a sworn enemy. . .and how can he live without her, in Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon by New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks.

My Review

Gwennore is outside with her niece, a dragon scoops the child up and tries to fly away but Gwennore is able to grab the dragon and is hoisted as well. But the dragon drops her and another dragon catches her but she's not sure why they want the child. When she is able to hear the conversation between the two dragons, that they are having telepathically and she is able to speak to the dragon holding her, Puff, as she names the dragon tells her that he will keep her safe and she will be able to remain with the child once they get to their destination. 

Puff, is bewildered that Gwennore who is an Elf is able to speak to him telepathically since that isn't supposed to happen with anyone but other dragons. But he does keep her safe after they arrive at the castle. But Gwennore finds herself in the middle of a mystery when she finds out the King has been kidnapping children to replace the ones his wife, the queen had lost and she quite crazy not knowing exactly what's going on. 

So while they try to find out what is causing the Queen to go mad, the King to believe in things that can't be true and the royals to become sick because of some ancient curse, Gwennore has to keep the child safe and work with Silas to find a cure for the curse. Once the child is safely home, Gwennore agrees to stay and help Silas find a cure for the curse. She has a gift that allows her to touch someone and find out what is wrong with them, so she knows that the Queen is being poisoned. 

It was fun watching Silas fall for Gwennore so fast and having to wait for her to catch up with him and give into her feelings. He knew what he wanted but had to make her see that he would be worth giving up her home and staying with him before she would give into her feelings. I really liked the slow burn of this romance and how Silas and Gweenore worked together with the secondary characters to find out what was going on and who was behind it. I'm enjoying this series. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.