Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Drivers In Some States No Longer Allowed To Drive With Even Trace Amounts of Cannabinoids In Their System

According to High Times, "Earlier this month two states -- Montana and Oklahoma -- enacted per se legislation prohibiting drivers from operating a motor vehicle if they possessed trace quantities of cannabinoids in their system. Under these new laws, prosecutors no longer have to prove that a defendant is behaviorally impaired by cannabis or that he or she presents a legitimate traffic safety risk. In fact, Oklahoma’s new law even disallows drivers from operating a vehicle with any detectable level of THC or its inert metabolite (byproduct) carboxy THC (aka THC-COOH) -- a nonpsychoactive compound that has been documented to linger in the urine of former cannabis consumers for months after they cease using pot."

Now do I as a person who might have family members on the same roads as the high drivers that are driving around, have a problem with this new law. Nope, sure don't. In fact I think it should be passed in all states. 

The cannabis activists would love for us to just shut up about this. But the fact is, if we shut up and stop trying to get marijuana off the streets then nothing is going to be done.