Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Favorite Picture of the Week

I was looking on my street and noticed for the first time just how many big rocks there are. When the city came through and 'beautified' our street, they decided to put in a bunch of rocks, boulders really and I think it's funny. I understand desert landscaping but there's an awful lot of big rocks on one street. These rocks are on the corner directly across the street from me.

These rocks are at the beginning of the hiking trail where I walk Falcor, right up against the sound wall to the freeway.

That's a good size boulder.

These rocks are right beside the green metal bench. And that's Falcor by the bench.

These rocks are across the street from the green metal bench.

Another good size boulder.

And here you have one of the green metal tree's that I've talked about before and in front of it are more rocks.

The people across the street liked the rocks so much that they added some to their yard. lol 

My grandson likes to climb on these rocks. Like I said, there's a lot of rocks on just my street. I wonder what the Beautification brain storm sounded like, "Hey Mike, let's just drop a shit ton of rocks on a few streets and call it a day."